As per one sports attorney, LIONEL MESSI might endure a FIFA BAN if it attempts to seek an escape

As per one sports attorney, LIONEL MESSI might endure a FIFA BAN if it attempts to seek an escape from Barcelona on a free transfer.

Though, one club that can offer a sum for the football player is Man City, who is claimed to be engaged in a contract worth up to £ 134 m.


Nick De Marco QC : “If it ended up anywhere, it would be most likely in the FIFA Dispute Resolution Chamber because Messi, being Argentinian, the FIFA rules would apply, and FIFA has its own set of laws and rules”.

LIONEL MESSI was first seen in Barcelona after he dropped the revelation, of abandoning the Nou Camp - a Barcelona FOOTBALL stadium

He was spotted leaving a restaurant with best buddy Luis Suarez – whose fate rests in the hands of FIFA as well.

A surveillance video shared by El Chiringuito TV clearly shows Messi's exit in a black car as Suarez joins in separately afterward.

The 33-year-old asked Barca to execute a provision in his deal which would permit him to withdraw for nothing with urgent effect.

The Spanish companies, however, states that the precondition officially ended on 10 June, with the Argentine FOOTBALL PLAYER under contract till the summer of 2021.

Man city club and FOOTBALL star appear to be involved in a legal dispute over the agreement, with Barcelona thinking that it is €700 m (£629 m) drop-out provision is still applicable.

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