The 7-year suspension by the BCCI for inclusion in the spot-fixing fiasco

The 7-year suspension by the BCCI for inclusion in the spot-fixing fiasco by Kerala fast bowler S Sreesanth ended on Sunday. The 37-year Keralite will be free to play cricket from Monday.

“I have got freedom, freedom to play again. It’s a massive relief. I don’t think anyone else will understand what it means to me,” Sreesanth to The Times of India.

“After a long wait, I can play again but there is no place to play in the country now. I even planned to organize a local tournament in Kochi this week so that I could step on to the field but decided against it looking at the risks involved, as the number of coronavirus cases in Kerala is increasing,” Sreesanth added.

“From last May, I have put my heart and soul into the training looking forward to playing again. So when I read reports suggesting that the domestic cricket in India may be a non-starter this season, I was shattered. I even thought of quitting the game. But then I thought I wouldn’t be doing justice to myself as all the efforts I have made to play the game again for all these years would have gone down the drain.” he expressed further.

“I hope I will be able to come back into the Indian Test team. I have taken 87 wickets in Test cricket. 13 more wickets are required to reach 100 wickets,” he finished off.

S Sreesanth competed in 27 TESTS, 53 ODIs & T20Is & also the member of the winning team of India’s 2007 World T20.

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