IPL-2020, R Ashwin: Links long window practice to a laboratory for experimentation & more refined sk

Moved out of India due to rising cases of COVID-19, the 13th edition of the world’s biggest T20 LEAGUE will be held across three venues in the UAE from September 19 to November 10.


Veteran OFF-SPINNER R Ashwin, connecting the forthcoming IPL 2020 to a lab, believing that the prolonged build-up to the LEAGUE of during COVID-19 PANDEMIC will provide CRICKETERSwith a terrific opportunity to explore new league stuff.

"This is probably the longest window an IPL team gets for practising for the tournament," Ashwin, said in a release published by the franchise.

"This is actually a wonderful opportunity to top up your skills, try out new things. It's like a laboratory to try things out in the game that you love so much."

“We’ve got a lot of energy reserve at this point and the eagerness to play the game is quite prevalent. The one thing Punter (Ponting) has made very clear to us is that we have to manage our workload well, and that’s going to be the key.”, said Ashwin.

“The mood in the camp is extremely exuberant. We’ve all gone through a difficult few month, and it’s great to see people in high spirits, mingling with each other despite being locked in for a week in the hotel. “We were very disciplined as a group, and everyone was strict about staying in. I think that showed how much we want to go out there and play together,” added Ashwin.

With Ponting describing Ashwin “one of the most successful SPINNERS in IPL history”, Ashwin believes he has begun to understand his role clearly. “I feel that in the shorter format of the game, it’s harder to be a BOWLER and easier to be a batter. My job is to come in at 7 or 8, and you’re going to get 5-6 deliveries at the most, sometimes not even that,” he said.

“The last two years at Punjab, I started understanding these roles better. I understand my role with the bat better now, and I can contribute better than I have done in the past. “Of course, BOWLING is what I enjoy. I don’t mind going for runs, it’s a challenge I love,” he said.



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