Spare part role in ENGLAND'S test attack frustrated MARK WOOD.


MARK WOOD will aim to carry out his frustration with AUSTRALIA in the forthcoming white-ball series after being neglected by ENGLAND for much of the international season to give a message ahead of next year's ashes.

"You never want to be left out, or the easy drop,” Wood expressed Wednesday, in a video chat.

Wood confessed that life in a bio-secure bubble for two months was "hard mentally" and hardly got a chance to play but did not go "moaning and groaning" to on the sly selectors.

"Just shouting and screaming is not my style. I have a nice relation with (England test coach) Chris Silverwood and me just truthfully questioned him what I needed to do to get into the club and get better.

You do not quite often receive the response that you're seeking for. He said he was thrilled with me but I wasn't picked just that. I assume you are upset once you realise, you're not in the CRICKET team

“It’s always good when you play for England, don’t get me wrong, but there’s an extra incentive when you play Australia, your biggest rivals,” Wood said. “They are desperate to beat you, you are desperate to beat them.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s the Ashes, white ball, T20. We’ll be desperate to beat them.”

Australia FAST BOWLER Mitchell Johnson's supremacy of England in the 2013-14 ASHES SERIES derived from his aggressive narrow-game BOWLING amongst the teams last year, whereas Wood also carried England's swift Stuart Broad to win his personal war against Australian CRICKETER DAVID WARNER with both the white and the red balls last year.

“It’s a very different format, a very different game. But there’ll always be talking about the Broad and Warner situation,” Wood said. “If you can get the wood over them, and can start the ball rolling with a couple of players here, I’m sure they’ll be thinking about that whatever the format.”

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