Stead was elected for a two-year term as he took over from Mike Hesson, who resigned in 2018 after


Stead was elected for a two-year term as he took over from Mike Hesson, who resigned in 2018 after six years.

A three-year contract extension has been permitted to NEW ZEALAND head coach Gary Stead which will enable him to sway the Black Caps through the 2023 CRICKET WORLD CUP.

On Wednesday, the NEW ZEALAND CRICKET BOARD sanctioned an extension also to the T20 WORLD CUPS in India next year and in Australia in 2022.

He directed NEW ZEALAND to the FINALE OF THE WORLD CUP 2019, and tied after regulatory innings and Super innings prior to England crowned as champion in boundary countback.

Stead mentioned in a statement Wednesday, "appreciative of the backing I have enjoyed from the players, the support staff and NZ CRICKET and I hope I can repay that confidence."

Further he added, "I think this group of players is growing as a team. There is an exciting schedule ahead of us and I know everyone is feeling very optimistic about our chances in all three formats."

Owing to the COVID-19 PANDEMIC, the NEW ZEALAND CRICKET TEAM hasn't played a single CRICKET MATCH in nearly six months.

Being said that, they soon will be releasing a schedule where NEW ZEALAND’S MEN’S CRICKET team to play 37 days of international cricket at home next season. It will also entail two tests versus the West Indies and three T20S.

The same is applicable competing with Pakistan, five T20S versus Australia and three T20S and three ODIS again against Bangladesh.

All four countries have affirmed to CRICKET TOURNAMENT, and the West Indies are to show up at the end of November.

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