Paddy Upton, former coach of RAJASTHAN ROYALS leaned on Suresh RAINA'S fiasco and stated the entire





Paddy Upton, former coach of RAJASTHAN ROYALS leaned on Suresh RAINA'S fiasco and stated the entire team should honour the Indian batman's choice.


Raina quit the CHENNAI SUPER KINGS in the United Arab Emergencies last week, quoting "personal reasons."


Raina's decision came amid an increasing number of COVID-19 instances at the CSK sscamp and a family catastrophe that took place back home. However, Raina's justifications for returning home have not yet been formally mentioned.


“There are some other players who are very much in the same boat as Suresh RAINA and I just hope that the teams are aware of that and are catering for that,” Upton said in an interview to ESPNCricinfo. “There are trainers who will suffer, support personnel who will battle with the three-month bio-bubble.


Arriving there already depleted, having navigated, being locked indoors, we are gonna find players who haven’t been exercising, we will see some strangely overweight players, we will see players out of nick. I know some players have been lucky to be able to get into the nets, so they are gonna go ahead,” he added.


The IPL coaching staff should foresee such occurrences and assist players rather than encourage a "hysterical reaction" to arise.


“There are very few players who when cross the rope are motivated by money,” Upton stated.

 “Yes, it’s part of the motivation but I don’t think that’s a strong consideration for Suresh. Whatever RAINA is going home for is more significant than a large amount of money he is not going to be making.


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