CHENNAI SUPER KINGS is unlikely to play tournament-opener against MUMBAI INDIIANS


At a point when the BCCI was gearing up to create up a schedule for the event, the COVID-19 chaos at the CHENNAI SUPER KINGS camp interrupted the agenda of the board.            

On Saturday, the BCCI reported 13 positive cases of COVID-19 amongst the IPL tour group in the UAE. The cricket board has reported that two of the 13 cases are players. Almost all of the members tested positive are from the Chennai Super Kings camp.

Given the POSITIVE CORONAVIRUS tests of many players of the CHENNAI SUPER KINGS team, the three-time winners are unlikely to cross swords against the MUMBAI INDIANS at the very first game in the league!

Since the players have TESTED POSITIVE, the franchise now has to quarantine for 14 days instead of 6. Chennai and Mumbai were scheduled to play the first IPL CRICKET MATCH. Franchises are also dissatisfied with the way BCCI treats them in the UAE, stating they're stuck in the nation on their own.

"The day before, lights were turned off at the training pitch while the team was training," a spokesperson of the franchise said to the media source.

Another official revealed, the team members did not obtain the FOB bands yet, while one of them said that: "Though the two Emirates have numerous COVID rules we're still trying to work out how to travel between Abu Dhabi and Dubai."

With less time left at the start of the IPL, BCCI has a giant battle ahead. The committee has to figure things out, or something sure will go wrong.

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