Welcome to the real world of LEG CRICKET

Welcome to the real world of LEG CRICKET, where the elegancy of FOOTBALL is balanced by India's incredible zeal for CRICKET.

The Indian Leg Cricket Association (ILCA), established a year after its launch presently has 34 State and UT associations listed in the country. It was originally established in KARNATAKA and then eventually expanded to several areas of the nation. 

In 2013 in KATHMANDU, INDIA AND NEPAL played the very first INTERNATIONAL LEG CRICKET game hosted by the International Leg Cricket Council (ILCC). Since then, numerous series and tri-nation leagues amongst India, Nepal, and Bhutan scattered over varied age groups.

A twisted version of FOOTBALL or CRICKET or both? Let’s find out.

LEG CRICKET is not about the intricacies of powerplays, field constraints, LBWs. Actually, it doesn't even need a bat, pads, and gloves. What one needs is football, stumps, and 22 players.

It is held on a circular field with a diameter of 80-120 feet, and the pitch is 8 feet broad and 40-48 feet long – significantly smaller than cricket – depending on the age. Boundaries are also narrower than CRICKET.

The fundamental rules are of CRICKET. The distinction is that the bowler needs to roll the ball correctly which shouldn't bounce. If it does, then it will mean no-ball. On the field, there is a 21-meter centerline. The batsman must announce his strong leg, and if he touches the other leg, he will be ruled out. There are no limitations when it comes to fielding. One may also place 9 fielders on a straight line.

The catching tossing and bowling aspects are clearly CRICKET-centric, but the kicking and fitness element is derived from FOOTBALL.

Like every other event, the COVID-19 PANDEMIC struck LEG CRICKET as well, canceling one of its major MATCHES in June and impeding the national competitions.

LEG CRICKET even though founded in India is still to be embraced by the Indian Ministry of Sports. Players do not get any match payouts and, more frequently than not, they are compelled to pay their own travel and accommodation.

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