Apps you must try for the fastest cricket score update!


If you're here, you may be searching for the Apps you must try for a Cricket score update. But you are not confident about the app or you prefer to know more about the 'score app' before pulling the plug. 


Whatever it is, you will get your answer in this blog.


So, let's be honest with numerous fake reviews and fly by sites on the net. You get confused! Don't worry! We ultimately found the Best Cricket score updating apps.


Do you know why we chose these Apps you must try for a Cricket score update? We chose it because they are passing through thousands of reviews of countless score update apps.


These fastest score update apps gained so much vogue on the internet because of their tremendous results. That's great!


So, no more delay, let us have a look at the top 3 fastest cricket score updating App.


  1. Fair Cricket Live Line


Fair Cricket Live Line is the No.1 rating app on our list. This app is a lifeline for cricket lovers. Not only, it is interactive & convenient-to-use software, but it furthermore wraps all aspects of cricket.


It will give to the detailed stats, rankings & records, Precise odd-even sessions. Even it also helps to skillfully navigate team/date/year wise matches.  It also provides daily articles & alerts on feverish cricket headlines.


Key Features 

  • Soonest cricket live line.


  • Valid live cricket tallies.


  • Free to download & Ads-free App.


  • Trims every sole tournament held across the nation


  • Day-to-day articles & alerts on hot cricket captions.


  • And the list drives on…


Omg!!! Just an awesome app. Must give a try… You will not regret it!!! We promise...



It’s a little more unique than another basic app. It has a floating gizmo choice when you roll it on and can be set anywhere on the screen. 


According to reviews the basic functionally doesn't work. It drains the battery very much. Too many ads. It takes lots of time to load. 


Key Features 


  • ‘Zero-Touch Scorecard’ Widget.


  • Handy animation on your screen when a border is scored or a wicket plunges.


  • Latest Cricket News.


That's not fair. They should upgrade themselves...



Wish to bring real-time updates then install the Yahoo cricket app. The smartest live tally provider of all. 


They remember some fascinating content (Infographics, ball by ball analysis, ‘fan screams’) which will provide you with the favourable live match knowledge ever. 


As per the reviews in the beginning it worked fine. But later on, it started missbehaviouring. Whenever you open in, it will ask for login. Even it every time starts displaying the update after reinstalling also. 

Key Features


  • Enjoyable live tournament experience.


  • Fastest score revises and commentary. 


  • Latest information and photo stories from the kingdom of cricket.


Slightly disappointing!!! Isn't it?



As per reviews and information on the Internet, we will recommend Fair Cricket Live Line for a cricket lover to satisfy their craving to know the scores fastest of fast that too with free-subscription & Ads-free...


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